Back to Montpellier: teams in pictures

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1. Team Great Britain looks ready for 2015 Euros, from left: Claudia Fragapane, Ellie Downie, Becky Downie, Amy Tinkler

GB team

2. Italian team in Montpellier, pictured Erika Fasana, Vanessa Ferrari, Carlotta Ferlito, Martina Rizzell with their couches.

italy team


3. French team is looking forward for home fans. Team members: Claire Martin, Loan His, Louise Vanhlille, Camille Bahl

France team

4. Czech and Slovak team. From Czech republic Veronika Cenková and Anna-Mária Kányai; from Slovak republic Barbora Mokošová

czech and slovak gymnast

April Women’s National Team Camp in pictures

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The American women’s national team camp began on April, 30 at the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center. The camp ended on May 3. It was led by national team coordinator Martha Karolyi. Check a report in pictures.

Olympic champion Aly Raisman was massaged by juniors.
Pictured: Laurie Hernandez, Norah Flatley, Jazmyz Foberg, Regan Smith, Aly Raisman

aly raisman and juniors


Simone Biles with Maggie Nichols at the Training Center.

biles and nichols


No make-up sleepover.. Kyla Ross and Aly Raisman after putting honey mask on their faces 😀

Kyla Ross and Aly Raisman


Roomies.. From left: Maggie Nichols, Simone Biles, MyKyla Skinner



Aly and Kyla #2 ..

aly and kyla


Smiles after trainging. From left: Jazmyz Foberg, Simone Biles, Nia Dennis

jazmyz biles dennis


Last night at the camp: the craziest photo is needed. Pictured girls: Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, Aly Raisman, Alyssa Bauman, Norah Flatley, Madison Desch, Maggie Nichols, Rachel Gowey, McKenna Kelley

last night


Victoria Nguyen (one of the youngest attendant ) with Simone.

Viktoria Nguyen

Netherlands announced the team for European Games in Baku

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Lieke Wevers, Lisa Top and Céline van Gerner will represent the Netherlands at the European Games in Baku. Congratulations!

holandský tým

Euros qualification: performances with scores of 15+

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There were a few athletes to receive 15+ scores for their routines in Euros qualification. Watch it now a enjoy the sport :-)

1. Maria Kharenkova on beam, 15.033 (6.4)

2. Beckie Downie na UB, 15.233 (6.7)

3. Giulia Steingruber on her first vault 15.133 (6.2)

4. Daria Spiridonova on UB 15.241 (6.5)

Who can succeed in Montpellier?

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kharenkovaThe European Championships are almost here. I look forward to see all the Russian and Romanian girls competing. There are a few Italian and British gymnast worth while watching as well. However, I do expect the above four countries will have taken most of the medals.

Russian team: Maria Kharenkkova, Alla Sosnitskaya, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Daria Spiridonova
Romanian team: Diana Bulimar, Laura Jurca, Andreea Munteanu, Andreea Iridon
Italian team: Erika Fasana, Vanessa Ferrari, Carlotta Ferlito, Martina Rizzelli
British team: Amy Tinkler, Claudia Fragapane, Becky Downie, Ellie Downie

Ten countries, ten gymnasts

There are a few European girls with a chance to win one or two medals. I would, therefore, like mention some, with have a chance to get the honors.

1. Maria Kharenkova (Russia)
2. Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland)
3. Diana Bulimar (Romania)
4. Erika Fasana (Italy)
5. Jonna Adlerteg (Sweden)
6. Amy Tinkler (Great Britain)
7. Teja Belak (Slovenia)
8. Kristina Pravdina (Azerbaijan)
9. Louise Vanhille (France)
10. Marta Pihan Kulesza (Poland)

Who can guess the winners of the European Championships 2015? Try and share your comments with us, and [do not forget] to let us know.

World Cup in Qatar: videos, results and some comments

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The second meet of Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Series was held from 25th to 27th March in Doha, Qatar. Who was outstanding, who tried but dealt with problems?


floor finalSwiss champion Giulia Steingruber dominated on the floor in the event finals. She is currently one of the most experienced athletes in Europe. She has consistency and ability to keep her nerves under pressure. She showed two likeble routines throughout the meet, and won the floor with score of 14.550 (D 6.000). I loved her tumbling passes.

Laura Jurca, a first year senior from Romania, achieved silver. Not sure about it, but as far as i know, it was her international senior debut. She finished with a score of 13.800 (D 5.500).

Kaeslin Ilaria from Switzerland placed 3rd with 13.750 (D 5.400).

Look at the videos of the floor medalists here:


beamPHAN Thi Ha Thanh, a 23 years old gymnast from Vietnam, won the beam final. If you don´t know her yet, have a look at Wikipedia. I´m sure we will hear more about this talented athlete in future. She displayed solid and a very difficult routine. She finished with 14.250 points (D 6.000).

Guilia Steingruber confirmed her ability and got another medal. She finished 2nd on the beam with score of 14.125 (D 6.000). The bronze medal went to Romania to one of my favorite gymnast. Diana Bulimar performed a solid routine with a small wobble on her spin. It´s her international debut, after a series of injuries so I´m curious what the 2015 season will bring. Good luck, Diana!


vaultAnother trumph for Steingruber. What a powerfull gymnast is she! Here are the results of three the best vaulters in Dauhá. Steingruber won the vault final, Vietnamese Phan placed second. The bronz medal went to Slovenian gymnast Belak. Big congrats to all of the girls! Check their videos bellow.



1. Giulia Steingruber 14.575 (15.100, 14.050)
2. PHAN Thi Ha Thanh 14.100 (14.300, 13.900)
3. Belak Teja 13.912 (14.050, 13.775)

Uneven bars

UBFrench representative Youna Dufournet shone in this event. She performed a difficult world-class routine to score 13.650 (D 6.000; E 7.650). In my opinion, the score should have been higher, but it was still enough to win the gold.

The silver on uneven bars was won by Diana Bulimar, who showed a cleaner routine in the event finals, than in the qualification. She scored 13.600 (D 5.300).

Swiss gymnast Jessica Diacci earned bronze with a score of 13.250 (D 5.300).

City of Jesolo: Junior Team & All-Around Finals

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The Jesolo junior team and the all-around competition finished few hours ago. As we all expected, the US team dominated today.

The Americans easily secured a first place in the Jesolo Trophy Junior Team Final. The members of the team are Norah Flatley, Jazmyz Foberg, Laurie Hernandez, Victoria Nguyen, Regan Smith and Olivia Trautman.

usa team 2


The final team standings are:

1. USA (scored 229.1)
2. Canada (scored 222.45)
3. Italy (scored 208.15)
4. Australia

The US girls proved that they are the strongest team worldwide. However, they didn´t have the best day at all. Nguyen, the youngest member of the US team, struggled on the floor. Trautman fell on her second vault. The half of the team (Smith, Nguyen and Trautman) fell on the uneven bars. UB is definitely the US´s weakness event.

Laurie Hernandez (57.650) wins the AA, followed by Norah Flatley and Jazmyz Foberg. Laurie displayed consistency, great artistry and a very strong tumbling passes.

The best non-American gymnast was Canadian Rose-Kaying Woo placed the fourth. Congratulations to all of the athletes competing today.



Full results bellow:


The hottest news from the world of gymnastics

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Look out, the month of March is a very busy time for the gymnastics world.

1. Two very important meets are starting tomorrow: 

The City of Jesolo Trophy. It will be interesting to watch all the American gymnasts, Canadian athletes Woo and Black, as well as the Italian star Fasana or Australia´s Little.

For the Doha World Cup, find out the schedule and roster here. The most interesting names on the roster are Bulimar and Jurca from Romania or Steingruber from Switzerland.

2. Romania have announced that Larisa Iordache will miss The European Championships due to pain in her ankle (old injury). Andreea Munteanu will replace her.

3. The first meet from The World Cup series was held in Cottbus (Germany) last week. Andreea Munteanu was the most outstanding athlete. She won the beam final with a score of 14.400 (D score 6.1.) and recieved the silver medal for her floor routine. Oksana Chusovitina took a gold medal on the vault, although she is 38 years old.

USA in pictures: Fast facts from March Training Camp

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1. The best classified athletes on the March camp were Simone Biles, Kyla Ross a Maggie Nichols. The outstanding athlete was Kyla. She achieved to be on the top from 2010. It certainly took a lot of hard work.

kyla simone maggie

2. USA announced the team for the City of Jesolo Trophy. The roster doesn´t include Skinner (sr.) and Chiles (jr.). However, Makan Skaggs and Regan Smith will travel to Italy.

jesolo usa team 2015

Have a good look at the complete team. 

3. Ashton Locklear missed the camp. She underwent shoulder surgery. We hope she will recover soon.

Ashton Locklear


3. MyKaylla Skinner is working on her new choreography. We saw some changes in her routine on AT&T American Cup, but to be honest, I missed some of the dancing elements. Hope she will add some new components.



4. Sabrina Vega was a part of the March camp, but she needs another surgery. It seems she was injured again while training :/


5. There are  some gymnasts who are going through some minor injuries lately. Madison Kocian is recovering from her November wrist surgery. Rachel Gowey is struggling with her ankles. I have also heard about Nia Dennis, but I don´t know any details yet.




Short summary and videos from English Championships

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The Championships were held from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March 2015.

Gabby Jupp didn´t compete because of an injury. Her coach has confirmed via Twitter that his gymnast has torn her ACL for the second time. Stay strong, girl!

britains gymnast

Leťs move on from the sad news and have a look on some good ones. Amy Tinkler, a first year senior in 2015, won the all-around title. Claudia Fragapane and Kelly Simm took the silver and bronze, respectively.

1.     56.200 – Amy Tinkler (vault 14.650, beam 13.800, UB 14.050, floor 13.700)
2.     54.900 – Claudia Fragapane (vault 14.450, beam 13.100, UB 14.050, floor 13.300)
3.     54.550 – Kelly Simm (vault 14.100, beam 12.700, UB 13.750, floor 14.000)
4.    52.500 – Lisa Mason (vault 13.950, beam 12.350, UB 12.350, floor 13.850)
  50.700 – Jade Stedford (vault 13.900, beam 10.500, UB 13.150, floor 13.150)

Look at Tinkler´s routines below (vault and beam video are from a different competition which took place 14 days before English Championships)

See more: the full results from the all-around competition.

Claudia Fragapane became the best English woman vaulter. She won with combined score of 14.125. Fragapane also won a bronze medal on beam with 13.100 despite falling down. She didn´t place on floor and performed a little bit messy routine but she had an amazing difficulty level. I´m a fan of her floor routines, anyway. :-)

Tinkler took a gold medal on beam and a bronz on floor. The best English bar worker is clearly Rebecca Downie. She proved it here too with an amazing routine and the score 14.900. Kelly Simm won the floor.